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Last Day of Camp Procedures

We will not have a closing ceremony today.

Please meet your camper at their dorm at 11:30am.

Each team will receive their evaluations at their last session. Please meet your camper at their dorm at 11:30 a.m. Following this, all check-out procedures outlined below will take place.

Check-Out Procedure: Remember to dispose of all trash, clear out the fridge, and prepare your room for inspection by your hall counselor. Before leaving, meet with your hall counselor on your hall to have your room checked and to return your key and slide card. It's important not to leave without completing this process to avoid charges for missing items (slide card/key).

For commuters:
Please proceed to the tents near the baseball stadium, where you initially checked in on Saturday, to return your lanyard and key card.

Fees for Missing/Broken Items:
- Key: $40
- Slidecard: $15

Parking for campers staying in Blackwell, Manly or Geer: Please park in the Alley Gym parking lot where you parked for registration.

For campers staying in Lakeside here are the directions -

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